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Why Maintenance And How Often?

It is our belief, that with every year of use, a modern air conditioner loses 5% of its capacity due to air restriction across the condenser coil.

In addition to this, the electrical consumption of the unit is increased by about the same amount, for the same reason.

For this reason alone, regular service which includes thorough condenser cleaning is cost effictive.

Like the tires on your car, an air conditioner is filled with gas under pressure.

Leakage is not normal, but a leak causes significant damage, so checking pressures makes sense.

Most A/C units have motors which will last longer if lubricated.

Safety controls need to be tested periodically to insure that they work.

During a thorough maintenance, it is possible to recognize that a motor or other component is on its "last legs". With this information an owner is better able to plan for repairs or replacement of the unit

A side benefit of regular service is the reduction of surprise "breakdowns" when the equipment is needed most.

We believe that service every 2 years on most newer systems (up to 10 years old) is reasonable as long as the owner keeps the air filters clean.

Annual service makes sense on older systems.

If the filter is not being maintained by the owner, then 6 month service in a minimum.

Six month service is also recommended if the unit has a belt drive blower.

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