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What Can You Do?

When a unit malfunctions, these are some steps a homeowner can take.


Heat won't shut off

  • First turn the thermostat to "off" and wait a few minutes to see if it shuts off.

  • If the house in getting uncontrollably hot, SHUT THE GAS OFF first.

  • This can be done at the house meter or at the furnace itself.

  • Shutting off the electricity first could cause fire by allowing heat to build up at the furnace.


Unit not cooling

Roof Unit (packaged)

If the unit sounds normal:

  • Test air flow by turning fan to "ON" and feeling the air force at register.

  • Check the air filter and make sure registers are open.

  • Shut unit off for an hour or two in case ice was blocking the air flow.

If the unit is dead:

  • Check the 2 pole circuit breaker. (only one serves the entire unit)

If the unit sounds abnormal:

  • Shut the unit off to avoid further damage.


Split Unit (furnace separate from condensing unit) (condensing unit outside)

  • Use above instructions EXCEPT there are TWO electrical circuit breakers.

  • One breaker serves the furnace, which is one pole and will kill the entire system if it is off.

  • The other breaker serves the outside unit and may be off if only the outside unit is dead.


Unit Not Heating

  • Older units with standing pilots (pilot is always burning)

    • Pilot outage is a common problem and simply relighting may restore operation.

  • Newer units with Intermittent Pilot Ignition (pilot is lit each time thermostat calls for heat)

    • Turn the thermostat off then back on. (erratic problems are common)

  • All units are susceptible to airflow problems similar to those found on a unit not cooling.

    • Check filters and registers as described above.