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PG&E Bills Too High?

It is safe to say, that most central heat cool systems are not operating at peak efficiency.

Some of the possible reasons are as follows:

  • Inadequate air flow through the duct system.

  • Leaky duct system.

  • Dirty air filter.

  • Improper refrigerant charge.

  • Refrigerant restriction.

  • Improper main burner adjustment.

  • Restricted furnace vent or combustion air opening.

  • Inadequate air flow through the condensor coil.

  • Improper condensate drainage.

  • Old inefficient equipment.

  • Miss matched split system equipment.

  • Oversized equipment.

  • The list goes on and on.


The following is a partial list of booklets and artcles that are available.

  • "Improving The Efficiency Of your Duct System" by the U.S Department of EnergyAvailable free by calling 1-800-523-2929

  • "Are You Getting What You Pay For" by Procter Engineering      Available at our office: 1373 N. Jackson Ave., Fresno CA

  • "Way Cool"   Consumer Reports Magazine June 1998

  • "Air Conditioner Comparison"  Consumer Reports Magazine June 1993