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Too Much Dust And Dirt Getting Into Your House?    

A house with no type of heating or cooling equipment will become dirty over time.

A house with a normal properly operating central A/C system will give about the same results.

A house with a properly operating central A/C system and an upgraded air cleaner will result in much less dirt accumulation.

A house with an imbalanced A/C duct system and any kind of air cleaner can result in a dramatic increase in the amount of dust accumulation in the house.

The duct system itself, rather than the air filter has the greatest impact on the amount of dust that enters the house.

Leaks in the return duct system will actually suck in dirt through the duct while your unit runs.

Leaks in the supply duct system will cause your entire house to have negative pressure while the unit runs, and thus suck in dirty air from outside.

Imbalance in the design of the duct system can give the same results.

Carefull analysis with equipment such as the infiltrometer, duct blaster, and magnehelic guage, as well as a visual inspection by a skilled technician are the methods we use to identify the above problems.